Sheila Goloborotko


Sheila Goloborotko engages in a restless, relentless material practice that allows singular ideas to emerge in the guise of numerous artistic actions like characters that reappear in novellas over time, or seeds that are blown ashore and thrive in diverse climates. This multidisciplinary artist and master printmaker has exhibited installations, works on paper, sculpture, videos, and interactive projects in more than 200 exhibitions in museums and galleries on four continents, and yet has remained firmly committed to c Read more...ommunity. Her printshops in Jacksonville, Florida and in rural Pennsylvania are sites of print and poetic activism, empowering first-time printmakers with hands-on workshops and developing the visions of mid-career artists with portfolio production and instruction. An experienced academic who thinks outside the box, Goloborotko is currently an Assistant Professor of Printmaking at University of North Florida. She is also the founder and director of Goloborotko’s Studio’s since 1989, a center for production and diffusion of printmaking whose principal goal is to encourage the voice and vision of individual artists in a nurturing environment that supports the creation of works that push the boundaries of printmaking. Goloborotko’s efforts serve as a bridge between individual mastery and community activism, exploring the shifting boundaries of the information age as it relates to multiples and collective Consciousness.

Skills: impressões sobre papel screenprint