Sveinung Iversen


Sveinung Iversen is born in Voss, Norway in 1954. He lives and works in Voss in Western Norway. Sveinung Iversen is a printmaking artist and a painter. His graphic techniques are mostly etchings and polymeer. The themes for his works has been both an abstract and a realistic expression, the nature, as well as the human body and various symbolic pictures. Sveinung Iversen is educated at Bergen Academy of Art from 1973 to 1977. He has had more than 60 separate exhibitions in Norway since his debut in 1976. He has parti Read more...cipated in exhibitions in Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, The Orkney Islands and Bulgaria. His works are represented in the Norwegian National Gallery and several regional Art Museums in Norway. He won the first price at BELA Biennale for European and Latin American graphic in Osaka, Japan 2013.

Skills: Polymeer photopolymeer etching