Tereza Castro


Portuguese Architect & Artist who has decided to "merge" her architectural long experience with an artistic universe, related to a different way of looking at the territory, working and exploring its huge pictorial potential. Work as an Artist, until now, was like her second career. Her first one, was 30 years of Architecture practice (www.opera-projects.com), but this new "Path" has gradually dominated her activity, being at the present, her main motivation. Her Artistic work pretends to build a Read more... juxtaposed narrative of layers, textures, colours, scales, allowing another perception of the territory, a process through which “Nature” reaches a new dimension, becoming ART. This approach implicitly has a universal appeal to the awareness that our Planet is finite and depends on us ALL, message emphasized through the "Universal Power of ART", as a Universal language. The themes incorporated into her artístic approach, mainly, have a strong connection to the "transformation/deterioration" of our Planet, by the negative action of man, such as: -Massive agriculture / Irrigation Fields -River's path, polution and distortion - Mining / Oil exploration and contamination /….or, in an opposite approach, reflects a “Tribute” to the formal and pictorial richness of our Planet.

Skills: InkJetPrint mixed media inkjet print inket