I was born (1944) and raised in Osaka (Japan), moved in 1969 to the United States where I have lived ever since and where I acquired citizenship. I graduated from the Naniwa Design Department of the Osaka University of Fine Arts, under the prominent Swiss graphic designer Joseph Müller-Brockmann who employed the Bauhaus method of graphic design. I also worked with Professor Shin Nakamura who introduced us to the Gutai avant-garde art movement, the first radical, post-war artistic group founded in Osaka/Kobe in 1954 b Read more...y Jiro Yoshihara in response to the reactionary artistic context of that time. In the US I worked as a full-time graphic designer in the Chicago area until 1980. In 1983 I returned for a while to Japan to study calligraphy with master calligrapher Taiun Yanagida at the School of Gakushuin in Tokyo and received a teaching certificate in calligraphy from that institution. I work mostly on and with paper, using Japanese calligraphic brushwork, printmaking and mixed-media making mysterious landscapes that depict some kind of vegetation-inspired bio-organic subject, often germination. As to printmaking, technically, I make bold-stroked monoprints on plexiglass that I print with an intaglio press. Through a reduction process, I obtain photo-like half tones, that are reworked with pen and ink, pencil, and montage. My work is widely exhibited in the US as well as abroad. I am affiliated with, in the USA, the Hartje Gallery, Boston (MA) and Kraft-Lieberman Fine Arts in Chicago (IL) and in Japan with Fuji Graphics in Tokyo. I am a member of the Arts Club of Chicago, where I exhibit regularly.

Skills: monoprint