Luisanna De Simone


Luisanna De Simone born in Mercato San Severino, on June 19, 1996. Luisanna De Simone in 2015 graduated from the Liceo Artistico Filiberto Menna in Salerno, where she learned and studied varios painting techniques. In 2019 she obtained the 1st level of Diploma of at Academy of Fine Arts in Naples where she learned the techniques of engrawing by attending the course of art graphic of Prof. Angela Vinciguerra who gave her the possibility of being able to express her thoughts and her passion through the different engravi Read techniques. She is currently a student of the art graphic course of prof. Erminia Mitrano at the Academy of fine arts in Naples attending the course for the 2nd level Diploma. She has been active in exhibitions, competitions and workshops, including: The reinterpretation of the napolitan tombola from n°1 to n°90 at the municipality of Baronissi – Salerno; “Mail Art” project at the Qu – Bi Gallery in Vicenza; “Qu.Bi International Miniprint Exchange ed Esposizione” 2020 at the Qu – Bi Gallery in Vicenza