Vincenzo Zancana was born in Salemi in South West Sicily (Italy) in 1991. He graduated in Fine Arts at Brera Academy (Milan) in 2016; during this study period he was selected at a Master in Fine Arts /Printmaking at the Royal Academy of Antwerp (Belgium) and in the same year he was one of the selected artists of the contest Artagōn II, participating in an exposition of collective artists at the Passage De Retz Gallery of Paris. He is currently an artist represented by the Museo della Permanente of Milan. Vincenzo Za Read more...ncana investigates space and the relationship between man and object, in various respects, memories, sexual, obsessive or merely consumeristic. Themes as fragmentation and changing, cataloging, archiving and accumulation are present in his artworks through printing, sculpture and video installations. The artist wants to convey to viewers how he analyses common elements in new spaces and what the empiric sense of the symbiotic relationship between man and object is.

Skills: digital print